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Why So Dark Out There?

The Great Wave

Hokusai - Rogue WavesSome copy&paste from Stephen Wolfram’s book A New Kind of Science1:


“Time may have a fundamentally different nature from space

The standard mathematical formulation of relativity theory suggests that–despite our everyday impression–time should be viewed as a fourth dimension much like space. A New Kind of Science suggests however that time as we perceive it may instead emerge from an underlying process that makes it quite different from space. And through the concept of causal invariance the properties of time seem to lead almost inexorably to a whole collection of surprising results that agree with existing observations in physics–including the special and general theories of relativity, and perhaps also quantum mechanics.


Alignment of time in the universe

Evidence from astronomy clearly suggests that the direction of irreversible processes is the same throughout the universe. The reason for this is presumably that all parts of the universe are expanding–with the local consequence that radiation is more often emitted than absorbed, as evidenced by the fact that the night sky is dark. Olbers’ paradox asks why one does not see a bright star in every direction in the night sky. The answer is that locally stars are clumped, and light from stars further away is progressively red-shifted to lower energy. Focusing a larger and larger distance away, the light one sees was emitted longer and longer ago. And eventually one sees light emitted when the universe was filled with hot opaque gas–now red-shifted to become the 2.7K cosmic microwave background.


In the context of traditional mathematical equations there has never been much reason to consider the possibility that space and time might be fundamentally different. For typically space and time are both just represented by abstract symbolic variables, and the formal process of solving equations as a function of position in space and as a function of time is essentially identical. But as soon as one tries to construct more explicit models of space and time one is immediately led to consider the possibility that they may be quite different.”

In an older paper titled Who Doubts the Timeline I hypothesized how parts of today’s science could ultimately fail and crumble to make space for a new science and tried to show at the example of history and pre-history, how many important groups today have trouble with the old historiographic paradigms and thus how great the desire for “change” has manifested among alternative thinkers. Physics might be the most up to date part in today’s scientific system – but there are others which are not so capable of holding pace – especially medicine, the humanities and historiographical sciences. In the recent ALTA Report (Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis Interpretation and Predictions for 2009/2010) George Ure, Cliff High and the “Time Monks” are now predicting such a breakdown of the scientific world:

“The SpaceGoatFarts entity gains aspect/attribute sets in support of the [destruction (of controlled peer reviewed science/academia)] over all of 2009 through 2011, however a very large bulge of supporting sets arrive in a stream that is forecast to [last/persist for 10/ten years], and that begins in mid 2010 just as the [dollar death meme] collides with the [political elite implosion], and the [university (system of consumer education)] reaches bankruptcy. Again it is worth noting that it is the confluence of a number of very significant archetypes which produce the totality of effects on the [controlled science (of the western world)].”2

Tipping PointSome explanations: square brackets determine the ‘archetypical words’ that form the observed events. The text between is the interpretation of the time monks. “SpaceGoatFarts” is a collective expression for suppressed knowledge and secret informations withheld by various governments. The biggest junk of this secret knowledge seems to deal with history, the space program(s) and the UFO-archetype.

The time monks are repeatedly talking about a number of rogue waves that hit at the same time or shortly after each other like the famous “three sisters”. It is not just one pillar failing, but several columns of the system crumbling together and interdependently. Modern science is one such pillar and – only through the last months I realized to what extent – has become a central part of today’s ruling class’ system of control and power. Large parts of it have reached a point of dogmatism, comparable only to the late developments of theology in the Dark Ages.

What does this have to do with above statements from Stephen Wolfram? Well, insofar as one crucial result of the coming revolution might involve a radical change in our perception of time and history. The coming of this “change” is predicted by more than my own gut-feeling. It is obvious that the political class has almost emptied the reservoirs of public trust worldwide. What is less obvious, to what extent the credibility of science had been undermined – not by enemies of rational thinking, but by the excesses of the scientific class itself. Philosophers of Science like Paul Feyerabend, William R. Corliss and especially Robert Anton Wilson3 have mentioned this long ago and demanded a correction of course. The adaption did not take place so far and the overdue paradigm-changes were not made. During the last decade or so I witnessed a growing gap between independent researchers of ancient history and the scientific community. The same drifting apart can be witnessed between the allopathic community and diverse alternative methods of healing like TCM. When the dialogues break off, chances for a peaceful living-together diminish and a revolutionary process seems to be the only way left to break up the old crust of crystalline lexical knowledge.
We can’t see the light of this new science yet, but our noses touch the crust of the dogmas and we are able to smell that something is wrong with it. The miasma of an expired decaying body increasingly insults those more interested in truth, than in status and power.

(1) Wolfram Stephen: A New Kind of Science. Wolfram Media Inc.; Champaign, IL 2002.

(2) High, Cliff; Ure, George “ALTA Report 17.6.2009 – The Shape of Things to Come; Data Set Analysis”. pp. 30

(3) Wilson, Robert A.: The New Inquisition: Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science. Falcon Press; Phoenix, Arizona 1986

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