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Ark – Travel Photos from Another World

This Photo catalogue will come out in March 2011 with German and English texts. After my last book still contained too much text and too few pictures I hereby take another step towards usability and towards the modern illiterate man/woman and am releasing my first photo book. Ark examines humans, landscapes and creatures that should be considered to board ‘the ark’. The ark as a technical device is useless if not its passengers are carefully selected. ISBN: 978-3-9502997-0-0 Apsara Publications, Graz

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The Pre-Revolution Handbook

The Pre-Revolution Handbook came out in October 2010 and can be purchased as e-book or from Amazon. by Apsara Publications The three and a half major premises on which this book is built: 1.) The US $ will hyper-inflate and most likely taking a couple of other main currencies with it into the abyss – maybe even the whole world of fiat currencies. 2.) A totalitarian fascist regime will (try hard to) take control during or shortly after this process in the US and probably also in the UK and Europe (sequence of probabilities). Riots and then civil war in parts of US will follow. 2.1.) The totalitarian Western allies will most likely make an effort to prolong the slow death of the existing system by kick-starting a major war with Iran, China, N-Korea or all by officially switching over into ‘war-economy mode’. 3.) Sudden and violent ‘natural’ changes in … Continue reading

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Madhya Pradesh

Jsama Masjid - Bhopal

MP – you think of politicians? Think again! Madhya Pradesh geographically is the heart of India, in the middle and slightly up. We primarily went there on the everlasting hunt for Sonya‘s totem-animal and destiny – the Giant Squirrel. Bhopal & the Lakes Bhopal, the capital of MP is mostly famous for the huge tragedy, an accident in a chemical factory, that happened in the late 1980s. Toxic gases were released in the middle of the night, causing an exodus of Bhopal‘s citizens, the instant death of about 2000 people and left many life-long handicapped. We stayed in a guest house directly on the upper lake, just behind a decent promenade at the posh Shamla Hill – also not far of the governor‘s residence. The lake-view was well worth it since we happened to arrive just when a major  regatta was held and so the lake was crowded with two … Continue reading

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Walter Cruttenden on Red Ice Radio


Red Ice Radio is in fact one of my top favorites when it comes to discover high quality news in the field of ancient history, mythology or the occult. Therefore I am extremely happy that Henrik just interviewed Walter Cruttenden, whose book I read some years ago and whose conference, CPAK, I had visited in 2008. Unfortunately last year’s conference was only one day – mainly because of the financial restrictions that hit researchers due to the ‘crisis’. This year (2010) will also be only an informal meeting among closely related researchers, and hopefully in 2011 we have another CPAK conference. Anyway, Walter will be in the UK soon for some lectures – I just can’t find where I have read that. So check it out yourself and don’t miss the chance! Also have a look at the speakers of the old CPAK conferences and their topics!

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